About us

Basement Critters are a Belgian metallic hardcore band,

Take 5 different characters with a different taste of music and throw them in a blender, add some influences like Machine Head, Prong, RATM, Killswitch Engage, Helmet,  Heaven Shall Burn and after chopping, creaming and pureeing you hear Basement Critters.

Do they really have nothing in common? Actually, yes, they are all raised in the H8000 Hardcore scene/area when all hell broke loose with bands like Blindfold, Congress, Liar, Regression… .  The nineties vibe and groove is Basement Critters signature, we want to bring back that “special” feeling. Let’s protest again.

After their first steps to record a demo at Empyrean studio, they went to Germany to work with Lasse Lammert at the LSD studio for the recording of the ep Hurt Me With The Truth and from then on WormHoleDeath records came into the picture , distribution of the EP and a plan for the future.The first full album.

Basement Critters went to Italy at the MathlabRecordingStudio to work with Producer Jonathan Mazzeo and signed a worldwide record deal with WormHoleDeath records.


We all live in a world of data where algorithms calculate and predict the human behaviour and archive it. Stop the digitalisation, the social media horror, we all know that the human mind is more complex than a sum of data, but we more and more trust bits and bytes, see correlations and not causes to create our own online opinion. 

Welcome to the Gadget Generation where we all look pretty,but our life is shitty!


Band Statement:

We knew we had good demos before recording, so why go to Italy? But boy o’ boy, what Jonathan did to the structure, sound and arrangements on this album is unbelievable and we never would realise this in our basement.

Carlo Belotti of WormHoleDeathrecords has given us the opportunity to create this unique piece, he was the only guy in the music business with a vision and a direction that we, full of confidence, want to walk.

Latest press statement after a performance:

“The band has succeeded in creating a versatile sound with a very anarchistic edge and that is certainly ok for most lovers of rough music! I am already looking forward to their new album that will be released early next year! “

Belgium Metal Shredder, Stijn Danneels @zingembeeft fest 2019

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All the latest news !

Dutch Belgian Rockumentary Chit Chat interview

by Evy Wilbers with Basement Critters.

(Het interview werd gedaan net voor de lockdown en komt nu pas uit als voorstelling van de nieuwe cd.)

Dutch Belgian Rockumentary on Facebook


Straight roads do not make skillful drivers and no road is long when dreams are big. Oh my GOD…

We are proud to present our first album! ???????
You can buy our album from today.

Click on the link below and may the force be with you


Thank you:
Glenn Labie Frederik Vanwymelbeke Steve Ruysschaert Danny Mommens Sven Caes Thomas Marijsse Bjorn Wambeke Mieke Lowyck Jonathan Mazzeo Carlo Bellotti Natasa Pribac Niccolò Saul D’AlarioBernie Andrea De Bernardi and Ari the dog.

WormHoleDeath Records Wormholedeath usa Wormholedeath , JapanMathLab Recording Studio
Eleven Mastering

Review for our single release ‘Point’ by Luminous Dash

Luminous Dash.be

BC signed distribution deal with Wormholedeath !

We are proud to announce that Belgium thrash metal combo Basement Critters have signed a worldwide distribution deal for their EP “Hurt Me With The Truth” with Wormholedeath.
The band is currently working on a full length album with Carlo Bellotti and Jonathan Mazzeo.

Band Statement:
“We have the great honor to work with Wormholedeath Records. Carlo, his crew and Jonathan from Mathlab Recording Studio showed us a future plan, a much bigger picture with opportunities.   We will be able to grow in a healthy, creative environment. It just feels right!”

“Hurt Me With The Truth” EP is out on all digital stores via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

“Hurt Me With The Truth”

1.Brain Bleach
3.Nature Strikes Back


Buy links:
“Storm” Audio Stream Video
Basement Critters are in the corridors of your basement, creepy and scary, but not inflicting any damage. And as a collective mind, so are we. Like a five legged monster with humanoid features that doesn’t destroy or kill. We grew up in the 90’s and want to hold that sound, so no low tuning. All basement critters have a different musical background, a unique approach in music. It made us a collective mind that wants to play hard and send out a clear message.


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“God Save Us As .Jpeg”

1. profile



4.back from the old days

5. liar

6. herodad

7. track & trace

8. point

9. nobody from nowhere

10. gadget generation

Recorded @ Mathlab Recording Studio Montale, Italy

Produced & Mixed by Jonathan Johny Mazzeo,


Mastered by Eleven Mastering, Italy

Artwork by Mieke Lowyck, Beeldenmakerij Marwiek



Basement Critters EP


1. brain bleach

2. Storm

3. Nature Strikes Back

4. Book

5. 39:16

Produced by Basement Critters and Lasse Lammert.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert at LSD Studio Lübeck (Germany).

Tour Dates

Come and see us live !

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

04 Apr 2020 CANCELED ! Alcatraz BASH Pre-selectie Deinze, BE ELPEE ELPEE
21 Mar 2020 CANCELED ! Hope Erodes & Basement Critters @ Skulls Geel , Geel ( BE ) Skulls Skulls
17 Jan 2020 Birthday Bash Tim (Private gig) Deerlijk, BE Tim's Place Tim's Place
16 Nov 2019 Zingem Beeft with Bark, Marche Funèbre, Chalice Zingem, BE
31 Aug 2019 Sewerfest Wommelgem, BE
20 Jul 2018 Mieke's Birthday (Private gig) , Bredene ( BE ) Mieke's place Mieke's place
07 Oct 2017 Hard Rock Fest Avelgem Avelgem
01 Apr 2017 Hexa Mera CD Release Opwijk
07 Jan 2017 Titans Club Lens
10 Dec 2016 MANJEROCK with Diesel Junk,Zoe Di Leyn and Back To Back Zwevegem, BE The Finnish The Finnish
19 Nov 2016 EP RELEASE with Hexa Mera & Royal Jake Hasselt, BE De Witte Non De Witte Non
24 Sep 2016 FRONTROW FEST - Bizkit Park, Magnetica, Deliberate Jeopardization & Gino's Eyeball St Niklaas JC Den Eglantier JC Den Eglantier
23 Sep 2016 MUSIC CITY - With Hexa Mera and Growing Horns Antwerp, BE Music City Antwerp Music City Antwerp
03 Sep 2016 EP RELEASE FEST - Basement Critters - Hexa Mera - Nightmare BE - Deafcon - D'Itching Death Avelgem, BE
16 Jul 2016 @ Rock Cafe Leuven with Steignyr & Lemuria Leuven Rock Cafe Leuven Rock Cafe Leuven
11 Jun 2016 @ Deja Fou Zulte with Growing Horns & Basement Critters Zulte Déjà Fou Déjà Fou
21 May 2016 Metal Assault with Hexa Mera & Gore Force 5 Kruibeke, BE JH Ter Walle JH Ter Walle
27 Feb 2016 Metal Night @ The Rocker with Ynfamia & Nightmare Mechelen, BE The Rocker The Rocker
29 Jan 2016 5 Years Hexa Mera with Hexa Mera, Ashturn, ... Meise, BE JH Den Droes JH Den Droes
21 Nov 2015 Mekitmetal II Vilvoorde
07 Nov 2015 Metal Against Child Cancer with Ostrogoth, FireForce, Eternal Breath, Sons Of Lioth, Hope Erodes, No Nonssens Deerlijk Metal Against Child Cancer Metal Against Child Cancer
05 Sep 2015 @ Bart's (private) Avelgem Private Private
29 Aug 2015 @ ROADHOUSE LIER with D'Itching Death Lier Roadhouse69 Lier Roadhouse69 Lier
22 Aug 2015 BD BASH @ Antwerpen Antwerpen
18 Jul 2015 Rock XXL Fest with Gino's Eyeball, Colors Dead Bleed, Fatal Move, Wasted 24/7, Spitfire, For I Am, As We Speak & Draw The Line Zoersel JH Zoersel JH Zoersel
11 Jul 2015 Gasolina Benefiet with Stereoseat, Wix, No Name, Cloud Nimbus, Experienced ?!? Waregem @ Gasolina @ Gasolina
17 Apr 2015 Hexa Mera Beer Release with Hexa Mera & Ironborn Zottegem De Hoevebrouwers De Hoevebrouwers
14 Mar 2015 De Woeker Music Oudenaarde Brandwoeker Brandwoeker
07 Mar 2015 BD BASH @ Gent Gent Private Private
28 Feb 2015 Moen Live Moen @ Den Tap @ Den Tap
21 Feb 2015 Thrash @ Verlichte Geest with Warckon, Bleeding Gods & At The Front Roeselare De Verlichte Geest De Verlichte Geest
06 Feb 2015 Entropy over Gasolina with Hexa Mera Waregem @ Gasolina @ Gasolina
23 Jan 2015 @Plansjee with D'Itching Death Antwerpen Plansjee Plansjee
02 May 2014 Rock Kappaert Zwevegem
14 Dec 2013 Café Gasolina Waregem
23 Nov 2013 @Café De Klokke Rond 2 Kluisbergen
10 Nov 2013 Café Plansjee Antwerpen
09 Nov 2013 RAW ROCK AND ROLL NITE Zwevegem
12 Oct 2013 HARD ROCK FEST 2013 Avelgem
17 Aug 2013 NOFROCK Antwerpen
25 May 2013 NOCHE DEL PERRO Zwijndrecht
27 Apr 2013 Basement Critters TRY OUT Avelgem


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