Basement Critters is a Belgian heavy metal band formed in 2011. The group consists of vocalist Thomas Marijsse, drummer Frederik Vanwymelbeke, and guitarists Sven Caes and Glenn Labie and bass player Frederik Declercq.

Some bandmembers played in Fuseless. A band with punk – hardcore influences which rocked the local stages in the mid 90’s.

Influences for BC’ music especially are the big classic heavy metal bands. But it isn’t only purely these classic big ones… Actually the band is inspired by all heavy music styles and a large variety of bands present and past. As long as the music makes its heavy sounds!

BC songs feature very rhytmic riffing with some ripping lead tones, and vocals with catchy choruses.

So, this is it people, sharpen up! Judge for yourself as we will crush the stages soon and we will not stop untill everyone is BC brainwashed!
Riff’em and see you in the pit!













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